Senior Officials Segment

Ministerial Segment

Senior Officials Segment

Item 1: Opening of the Session, 25 April 2013

Item 2: Special Body on Least Developed and Landlocked Developing Countries, 25 April 2013

(a) Final regional review of the Almaty Programme of Action

(b) Biennial review of the Istanbul Programme of Action

Item 3: Review of Substantive Issues, 25 April 2013

(a) Macroeconomic policy, poverty reduction and inclusive development

(b) Trade and investment

(c) Transport

(d) Environment and development

(e & f) Information and communications technology and Disaster risk reduction

(g) Social development

(h) Statistics

(i) Subregional activities for development

Item 4: Management Issues, 26 April 2013

(a) Draft programme of work for the biennium 2014-2015

(c) Technical cooperation activities of ESCAP and announcement of intended contributions

Item 5: Final Review of Conference Structure, 26 April 2013

Item 6: Activities of the Advisory Committee of Permanent Representatives and Other Representatives Designated by Members of the Commission, 26 April 2013

Ministerial Segment

Opening of the Session, 29 April 2013

Item 8: Policy issues for the Asia-Pacific region

Country statements

30 April 2013

Country statements

Item 11: Adoption of the report of the Commission, 1 May 2013