Objectives of the Trust Fund

Typhoon Songda bearing down on the Philippines in May 2011.

The objective of the ESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness in Indian Ocean and Southeast Asian Countries is to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach to resource mobilization for building and enhancing tsunami, disaster and climate preparedness capacities at various levels in accordance with the needs of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asian countries. The Fund will contribute to narrowing the capacity gaps in the region and, among other things, ensure development of an integrated regional early warning system based on adequate resources, and comprising a network of collaborative centres connected to sub-regional and regional centres and linked to other existing centres outside the region, such as those in the Pacific Ocean.

Primary responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective national early warning arrangements rests with the respective national governments in the region. Subject to availability of funding, the Fund may be drawn upon to supplement national resources in areas in which national organizations do not have adequate capacity. It is envisaged that designated regional, sub-regional and national centres would serve as focal points for establishing, enhancing and maintaining the necessary capacities, whether in terms of technologies, organizations and expertise.