Asia-Pacific Commemoration of International Youth Day 2018

10 Aug 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

ESCAP, in partnership with other United Nations entities of the Asia-Pacific Interagency Network on Youth (APINY), commemorated International Youth Day 2018 at the United Nations in Bangkok on 10 August 2018. Some 70 young people, civil society representatives and United Nations staff actively participated in a series of sessions that served to build capacity in the context of youth development. With the theme of this year’s International Youth Day being “Safe Spaces for Youth”, emphasis was placed on freedom of expression, mutual respect and constructive dialogue.

During one of the sessions, discussions took place concerning how the United Nations could better serve youth and how youth could more effectively contribute to the work of the United Nations. The discussions followed a presentation on primary and secondary research undertaken by a group of young people that took place over the preceding three months on various attributes of members of APINY, including the way in which their programmes engage with and have a lasting impact on youth. Some of the main suggested action points were to increase outreach towards youth, especially through social media, and encourage more active participation of youth, such as by means of consultations and initiatives promoting inclusive and sustainable development in both urban and rural settings.