Asia-Pacific Youth & Sustainable Tourism Workshop

14 Mar 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

ESCAP, in collaboration with the Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA) and the Global Young Leaders Academy (GYLA), convened the Asia-Pacific Youth & Sustainable Tourism Workshop: Setting the Stage for Peace, on 14 March 2018 at the UNCC in Bangkok. Over 30 youth, civil society and private sector participants from more than 10 countries were actively engaged in workshop activities, which centered around promoting awareness of the SDGs and sharing experiences from initiatives engendering greater sustainability in the tourism sector, with a particular focus on youth. ESCAP made a presentation on the situation of youth, especially regarding SDGs 4 and 8, and how the Youth Policy Toolbox could be used as a resource to enhance youth development. Participants expressed interest in the Toolbox as well as contributing to it by way of submitting good practices. ESCAP also moderated a session with young entrepreneurs discussing their initiatives and lessons learned in the context of promoting responsible and sustainable tourism. Concerning the evaluation, 96 per cent of participants either agreed or strongly agreed that the workshop both enhanced their knowledge and skills with regard to youth development and the SDGs, and provided an effective platform for them to share their knowledge and experiences related to youth development and the SDGs.