Committee on Trade and Investment, Third Session

20 Nov 2013 to 22 Nov 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

The theme of the third session of the Committee is “Promoting inclusive trade and investment”. The substantive agenda items to be considered at the Committee are: Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2013 – Promoting inclusive trade and investment; current and future activities of APCTT and CSAM; overview of the secretariat’s activities in promoting regional cooperation in trade and investment; global initiatives with implications for the subprogramme; collaboration with other global and regional organizations and initiatives; strategic direction and function of the Committee on Trade and Investment; proposed strategic framework for 2016-2017 for the subprogramme on trade and investment; and the implementation of Commission resolution 68/3.
The Committee is expected to conduct a substantive interactive dialogue on the theme topic and related issues, to formulate concrete policy recommendations in this regard and provide guidance to the secretariat on its subprogramme and activities in the area of trade and investment.

Delegates Assessment
Following the meeting delegates who attended filled out questionnaires regarding the session. A summary of the results is available for download.