ESCAP-ARTNET-ITD Trade Facilitation for Sustainable Development Workshop 2019

23 Sep 2019 to 26 Sep 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

This workshop aims at building the capacity of government officials on implementing trade facilitation and paperless trade initiatives and enabling them to more effectively support or participate in the work of National Committees on Trade Facilitation or related inter-agency bodies. The workshop will present an update on the state of implementation of key trade facilitation and paperless trade measures in the region. Many key measures and instruments on trade facilitation will be introduced, including the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the new Framework Agreement on the Facilitation of Cross-Border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific. On practical implementation, participants will also learn how to conduct a Business Process Analysis (BPA) project to simplify trade procedures and learn about emerging topics on trade facilitation in the context of logistics management, gender specific dimensions of trade facilitation and e-commerce technical issues.

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