Expert group meeting on ICT for Disaster Risk Management

26 Aug 2019 to 27 Aug 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

The Expert Group Meeting on ICT for Disaster Risk Management is set to take place on 26-27 August 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of ESCAP’s Disaster Resilience Week.

APCICT continues to enhance the content and expand the coverage of the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders (Academy) programme to ensure its relevance in a constantly evolving ICTD landscape. Recognizing the significant role of ICT in disaster prevention, mitigation, response and recovery, the Centre is updating an Academy Module on “ICT for Disaster Risk Management” to provide an overview of how ICT is used for disaster risk management. During the two-day event, representatives from relevant ministries and agencies, international organizations, and academic experts engaged in disaster risk management activities will discuss and exchange ways for advancing the use of ICT for disaster risk management.

The draft updated version of APCICT’s Academy module on ICT for Disaster Risk Management will be presented. The module aims to provide an overview of how ICT is used for disaster risk management, focused on policymakers and civil servants at the national and local levels. Views and comments from participants will be taken to improve the quality and relevance to the target audiences.

This meeting will act as a platform for the exchange of experiences among experts and practitioners and help develop a roadmap for the implementation and roll-out of the module in Asia and the Pacific.

Organizer: APCICT