Expert meeting on Statistics on Gender and the Environment in Asia and the Pacific

2 Sep 2019 to 4 Sep 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

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The Expert Meeting brought together national statisticians, officials from Ministries of Environment, representatives from disaster management authorities, civil society organizations and academic institutions to:

  • Identify key priority thematic areas that are of high relevance to assess the connections between environmental and gender issues in countries of Asia and the Pacific.
  • Building on UNEP’s “Unlocking information for action and measuring the SDGs” report and other existing work on the connections between gender and environment statistics, refine the set of gender-related indicators that could be best suited to measure these connections in Asia and the Pacific, noting that these indicators should be in line (to the extent possible) with internationally agreed indicators and frameworks.
  • Discuss preparation and dissemination of documents, brochures or other information products on gender and environment statistics, with the expectation that these materials could be used to inform future production of related statistics, including to monitor the SDGs.
  • Advocate for the importance of producing environment statistics from a gender perspective and enhancing financing of this endeavor.
  • Identify needs and possible areas of future work in this field (including to improve indicators, data sources, reporting mechanisms and advocacy efforts, among others) in view of proposing the establishment of an expert group or other suitable mechanisms to enhance the production of environmental statistics from a gender perspective in the region.
  • In the event that participants express interest to take this work forward, discuss the specificities associated with further country engagement, management/coordination of the work and any required funding to take it forward.