Inception Meeting on “Improving the Use and Sharing of Geospatial Information for Resilient and Sustainable Development in Selected Pilot Countries”

24 Jul 2019 to 26 Jul 2019
Jakarta, Indonesia
By invitation only

Geospatial data have high relevance for geography-sensitive sectors notably, infrastructure, agriculture and urban development. Such data allows social, economic and environmental data to be linked to time and location attributes in cost-effective ways. This enriches the understanding of ground-level impacts and interlinkages, both over time and in real time, and thus provides insights that would not be available otherwise. Geospatial data play a significant role at all phases of disaster management - prevention, mitigation, preparedness, vulnerability reduction, response and relief, to help mitigate the losses and save lives. Data captured by earth observation satellites are very reliable tools that evaluate geo-environmental catastrophes by providing synoptic coverage of a very broad area in a cost-effective way. Given that geospatial data, information and services are increasingly converging with digital innovations and new technologies, their use is augmenting progressively.

This project will therefore be implemented in a group of pilot countries identified that have been selected from among the members of ESCAP’s Regional Space Application Program (RESAP) as the ones having expressed interest and demonstrated geospatial absorptive capacity. The project also tends to contribute to the implementation of the Asia-Pacific Plan of Action on Space Applications for Sustainable Development (2018-2030) through South-South and triangular cooperation and assist developing countries in Asia-Pacific region to address environmental and developmental challenges to integrate space technology applications into development planning for achieving sustainable development. The main aim of this project is to build guidelines that would serve as point of entry for the storage, access and retrieval of geospatial data and information in a common format. This will contribute to the definition and description of a future information repository that will facilitate data sharing between end-users, providing them with crucial and commonly formatted information for better decision-making.

The Inception Meeting will discuss on the project objectives and will build the consensus towards effective implementation of activities as highlighted in the project proposal and how geospatial data and information may add value to improving the access to data and information between end-users through a commonly agreed data format for better decision-making.

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