Inception Meeting for the Study Project on Commercialization of Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan- Iran Railway Corridor

10 Apr 2019 to 11 Apr 2019
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Open meeting

To fully harness the potential of the recently constructed railway corridor along Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Islamic Republic of Iran (KTI)- ESCAP, in collaboration with Economic Cooperation Organization and with the financial support of Islamic Development Bank, is implementing a study project on the commercialization of the railway corridor.

The study project aims to develop (a) a corridor management mechanism to support efficient operations along the corridor (b) an action plan for commercialization of the corridor and (c) a marketing plan for the railway services along the corridor. To discuss the implementation strategy of the study project- ESCAP and ECO are organizing above captioned inception meeting with relevant stakeholders including national and international consultants at ECO secretariat in Tehran with following objectives:

(a) Identify current challenges and discuss possible ways and areas to focus to commercialize the railway corridor
(b) Discuss and tentatively finalize draft outline for the two studies planned under the project
(c) Detail the information/data required for the implementation of the study project

For more details please contact: Mr. Sandeep Raj Jain, Tel. 66-2-288 1426, Fax: + 66 2 288 3050, E-mail: and/or Ms. Zukhra Abisheva, Tel. 98 21 2283 1733, Fax: 98 21 2283 1732, Email: &