National Consultation on Enabling Environment for Women's Entrepreneurship

25 Jul 2019
Pacific Harbour, Deuba, Fiji
By invitation only

The national consultation will contribute to enhanced capacity of concerned stakeholders across multiple sectors to integrate women’s needs and considerations into policy and non-policy initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, financial inclusion and enabling environment for businesses. Participants will be equipped with knowledge on specific tools and methods to design, implement and monitor gender-responsive measures, including policy and regulatory frameworks, as well as financial and business development services and products.

40-50 government leaders and policy makers from key ministries and agencies in the areas of gender equality, MSME development, trade, ICT, planning, and economy and finance as well as representatives and stakeholders from the private sector, non-government organizations, donor agencies and (women’s) business associations, including those representing women-owned MSMEs in non-urban areas will be participating in the national consulation. Experts in the areas of gender, business development and financial inclusion will be invited to participate as resource persons.