Nomads in the Digital Age - International conference

17 Sep 2019
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
By invitation only

Following a request from the Communication Information Technology Agency (ICTA) of Mongolia, ESCAP is working with the Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development ( to support the Government of Mongolia design a national development strategy for Mongolia in the Digital Age.

While initially mandated by ICTA, the Cabinet Secretary has been assigned to be the focal point for this initiative and ensure a cross-ministerial initiative.

The initiative, which was designed by the Commission and is being led by the Mongolian government, is set to empower policymakers, private sector actors and civil society to chart digital pathways for their country and ensure everyone benefits from rapid technological change.

ESCAP’s contribution focuses on fostering a strategy that promotes inclusive outcomes and leaves no one behind.

A multi-stage process has been undertaken to develop a national strategy that will include even the most marginalized groups in the country's digital future. An analytical has been prepared.

An international conference, Nomads in the Digital Age, will be organised on 17 September in Ulaanbaatar to present the findings of the readiness assessment and the proposed strategy and explore technology solutions from domestic and international players.

This cooperation is part of ESCAP’s work on promoting inclusive innovation policies.