Regional Meeting on Strengthening the capacity of ESCAP member States to harmonize standards on weights, dimensions and emissions of road vehicles for facilitation of transport along the Asian Highway network

19 Sep 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

Differences in national standards in the design and construction of road infrastructure as well as vehicles’ permissible weight, dimensions and emissions pose various challenges in international road transport. For example, overloaded/oversized foreign vehicles may not be compatible with the design of road network can therefore lead to serious impact on road infrastructure maintenance and safety. In addition, countries may have different emission standards applicable to the road vehicles. These factors could act as deterrent for countries to open their domestic roads for international transport and deny access of foreign vehicles to national roads.

In line with its objective to make cross-border and transit road freight transport more seamless and efficient for countries along the Asian Highway network and beyond, ESCAP is undertaking a study aimed at developing recommendations that will facilitate the harmonization of national and sub-regional standards on weights, dimensions and emissions of road freight vehicles. Key recommendations of the study would aim to enhance the capacity of policy makers in the region to harmonize standards on weights, dimensions and emissions of road vehicles. As part of this work, ESCAP is organizing a Regional Meeting to discuss study findings and way forward for the harmonization of weights, dimensions and emissions for road freight vehicles among countries.

For more information, please contact Mr. Edouard Chong (e-mail:, Economic Affairs Officer of the ESCAP Transport Division.