Regional Seminar on Innovative Climate Finance Instruments for Financial Institutions

19 Jun 2017 to 20 Jun 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Through a-three year regional project, the United Nations ESCAP is organizing a “Regional Seminar on Innovative Climate Finance Instruments for Financial Institutions” at the United Nations Conference Centre on 19-20 June in Bangkok, Thailand. The seminar will create a dialogue space for national partners and champions (Central Banks, ministerial focal points, thought-leaders) for low-carbon climate resilient development from the beneficiary countries including Fiji, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka to meet and discuss with climate champions from other regional countries and global and regional experts on issues related to development and promotion of innovative climate finance instruments.

The seminar aims to: -- present preliminary findings of the scoping studies, collect inputs and feedback from thought leaders in beneficiary countries; -- identify further needs for targeted technical advisory services and capacity development support, -- lay the foundation of a network of thought-leaders and project champions on climate finance from wider group of countries to foster south-south peer–learning opportunities, sharing good practices and lessons learned throughout, and beyond the duration of the project; and -- identify opportunities for joint capacity development activities with other regional partners to better assist the beneficiary countries.

ESCAP’s Carbon-Neutral Meetings Initiative is being implemented for the first time and has developed a Green Meeting Guide produced to aid in your selection of green accommodation, local and international travel choices, food and beverage selection, and the like. Please take the time to peruse as it has been specifically tailored for the use of participants traveling to ESCAP.

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