Samoa Workshop Applying a Generic Tool for Policy – Data Integration across all Sectors

5 Jun 2018 to 8 Jun 2018
Apia, Samoa

This workshop was conducted as part of the implementation of the Regional Strategy for Strengthening Population and Social Statistics (Goal1), supported through the 10th tranche of the UN Development Account. It is phased one of the series of technical support to the Samoan government in applying the ESCAP Policy-Data integration tool to understand indicator needs across 14 sector plans and develop a comprehensive national indicator set. The objectives of the workshop were as follows:
1) Introduce the generic tool and phased-based approach to developing a National Sustainable Development Indicator Set, to all relevant ministries of the Samoan Government involved in the production of national/sector planning documents
2) Apply the generic tool in detail to seven pre-selected sector plans, to test its applicability, and commence work on identifying all key data requirements from these five sectors, as indicated in their existing planning documents
3) Deliberate on the most appropriate way forward for Samoa to fully adopt the generic tool, clearly outlining all data requirements Samoa wish to meet for national monitoring and regional/global reporting.

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