The South Asia Economic Summit (SAES) XII

26 Sep 2019 to 27 Sep 2019
Colombo, Sri Lanka
By invitation only

The South Asia Economic Summit (SAES) XII will be held on 26-27 September 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka with the theme “Shaping South Asia’s Future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)”. The Summit is organized by the Institute of Policy Studies Sri Lanka (IPS) in collaboration with ESCAP-SSWA. SAES XII objective is to uncover the prospects and challenges for South Asia in harnessing the 4IR and discovering potential avenues for cooperation through a multi stakeholder dialogue. The United Nations ESCAP SSWA has provided support to the speakers and participants of the event. Dr. Nagesh Kumar, Head of UN-ESCAP SSWA and Dr. Rajan Ratna, Economic Affairs Officer, UN-ESCAP SSWA will be key moderators of the Summit. While Dr. Nagesh Kumar will moderate the session on “Addressing Inequalities and 4IR” and be a panelist for few other sessions, Dr. Ratna will be the moderator for the session “Gender, Equality, and 4IR”. The event will emphasize on concerns regarding jobless growth, low female labor force participation and inadequate skills. It will also elaborate on benefits and pitfalls of 4IR and solutions for the same. Concepts such as multi-stakeholder collaboration, meritocracy, entrepreneurial culture, embracing disruptive ideas, critical thinking, and social trust – along with more traditional components like ICT and physical infrastructure, macroeconomic stability, property rights, and years of schooling – will form the defining features of economic success in the 4IR.