Subregional Workshop on ICT Co-deployment along Passive Infrastructure in South Asia

27 Jun 2019
New Delhi, India
By invitation only

Expanding ICT connectivity has played strategically significant role in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific region. ICT enables growth across sectors through accelerated innovation that increases productivity and efficiency. It provides a foundation for digital economy and society that bring socio-economic transformations in many significant ways including advancing health, education, financial services, smart agriculture, and energy systems; accelerating online communities, commerce, finance, and a wide range of services; economizing resource allocation and usage; and promoting public awareness and engagement.

Against this background and considering the potential opportunities of co-deployment to promote regional infrastructure connectivity for sustainable development in Asia and Pacific, ESCAP’s ICT and Disaster Risk Reduction Division, together with ESCAP’s Transport Division and Subregional Office, will organize a “Subregional Workshop on ICT Co-deployment along Passive Infrastructure in South Asia”, in New Delhi, India, with the objective to raise awareness and facilitate constructive dialogue between government officials responsible for ICT and Transport respectively on opportunities and challenges for implementing policies on cross-border infrastructure co-deployment. In addition, to discuss the policy implications of cross-border ICT co-deployment on national and regional legislative and regulatory frameworks.