Subregional Workshop on ICT Co-deployment along Transport Infrastructure in East and North-East Asia Subregion

20 Nov 2019
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
By invitation only

Considering the potential opportunities of co-deployment to promote regional infrastructure connectivity for sustainable development in Asia and Pacific, ESCAP’s ICT and Disaster Risk Reduction Division, together with ESCAP’s Transport Division and Subregional Office, is organizing a “Subregional Workshop on ICT Co-deployment along Transport Infrastructure in North and Central Asia Subregion”.

The objectives of the workshop are to discuss the policy implications and share experience of national and cross-border infrastructure co-deployment accumulated by member states in North and Central Asia; to increase awareness and knowledge of member countries about opportunities and challenges for national and cross-border infrastructure co-deployment; to facilitate constructive dialogues between government officials responsible for ICT and Transport respectively on the relevant national and regional legislative and regulatory framework with regard to co-deployment.

The meeting is intended for government officials from Ministries or Agencies involved with developing 1) ICT connectivity and 2) transport infrastructure of selected ESCAP member countries in the subregion, namely, China, Japan, Mongolia, Republic of Korea and Russian Federation. Relevant experts and resource persons are also invited.

Resources: ESCAP aims at strengthening the capacity of target countries to develop sustainable and inclusive policies and mechanisms for trans-boundary infrastructure connectivity. In this regard ESCAP applies the corridor approach to explore the ways for the connectivity. These efforts aim to facilitate the development of the multi-sectoral capacities on development of assessments and gap analysis on national and transboundary infrastructure. Please refer to materials of the workshops, studies and other knowledge resources through the following links:

Contact person (Bangkok): Ms. Aida Karazhanova, Economic Affairs Officer and Media Focal Point of ICT and IDD, ESCAP.