Third International Seminar on Trade Facilitation in North-East Asia

18 Nov 2014 to 19 Nov 2014
Vladivostok, Russian Federation

United Nations ESCAP, in cooperation with the Greater Tumen Initiatives (GTI) and Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, organized the third International Seminar on Trade Facilitation in North-East Asia on 18-19 November 2014 in Vladivostok, Russian Federation. This seminar aimed to provide a better understanding of trade and its linkages to regional issues, including third country trade, border-crossing trade, private sector priorities, and regional trade and investment cooperation in the Greater Tumen Region and North-East Asia. Participants included partners and representatives from public and private sectors in the region, including China, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, and Russian Federation. Since 2012, ESCAP and GTI have been organizing the International Seminar in conjunction with the annual GTI Trade Facilitation Committee meeting. These two events have provided participants with a platform for dialogue and collaboration in seeking solutions to bottlenecks in trade facilitation in North-East Asia.