Third meeting of ESCAP Business Advisory Council - Sustainable Business Network's Task Force on Disaster Risk Reduction

27 Oct 2015

The third meeting of the Task Force on Disaster Risk Reduction is organised by ESCAP on 27 October 2015 in Bangkok back-to-back with the Fourth Session of ESCAP Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Operating as a subsidiary body of ESCAP Sustainable Business Network under the ESCAP Business Advisory Council, the Task Force on Disaster Risk Reduction aims to promote the effective participation of private sector in disaster risk reduction and building of resilience as guided by the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030 (SFDRR) and ESCAP Resolution 71/12 on strengthening regional mechanisms for the implementation of the SFDRR in Asia and the Pacific. In its first meeting in mid-May 2015, the Task Force discussed the role of the private sector in disaster risk management as outlined in the Sendai Framework. In its 2nd meeting held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Task Force deliberated the specific areas where the private sector could have significant role to play in disaster risk reduction. The third meeting is planned to take forward the Sendai Framework by examining key components of the required enabling environment including the policy framework, incentive structure and access to information and capacity development, particularly in addressing the specific needs of small and medium enterprises.

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