Workshop on Measuring Population Ageing and Assessing its Economic and Fiscal Consequences

24 Jun 2019 to 27 Jun 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

Inclusive development that leaves no one behind requires good investment and good planning, as well as close adherence to the SDG framework. This workshop, organized by UNDESA and ESCAP, aimed to promote Asia-Pacific national strategies that are sustainable in light of the evolving demographic landscape to 2030 and beyond. It was intended for government officials and national professionals (demographers, statisticians, economists and others) involved in envisioning national futures via population, economic, fiscal or budgetary forecasts.

The workshop introduced new measures of population ageing that reflect emerging demographic characteristics of the Asian and Pacific region, along with new methods for assessing the medium- and long-run economic and fiscal impacts of population ageing. It also considered requisite investments for SDG achievement and what policy responses to population ageing could work given diverse scenarios.

Further information can be found here.