International conference highlights role of emerging technologies in achieving sustainable development

Kuala Lumpur (ESCAP News) – Emerging technologies and innovations catalyse progress on the 2030 Agenda. This was the key message during the International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organized by the Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) today.

High-level officials and experts at the conference examined the potential of emerging technologies to create a more inclusive and sustainable society while addressing the need for appropriate policies to facilitate innovative development and reduce inequality. They further proposed policy instruments which could accelerate utilization of emerging technologies and possible mechanisms to strengthen regional technology cooperation.

“We have a collective responsibility to ensure that the benefits of technology be shared and reach those who need it the most,” underscored Ms. Michiko Enomoto, Head of APCTT opening the conference.

Twelve Asia-Pacific countries shared models of regional cooperation on science, technology and innovation (STI) policies and technology transfer by wielding novel industry approaches. The policy recommendations hold promise to support APCTT strengthen member State capacity to harness emerging technologies for sustainable development.

The conference also increased member States’ knowledge of enabling policies to advance national innovation ecosystems. A conducive landscape of supportive infrastructure, policies, the right talent and industry commitment is crucial in accelerating the adoption and application of these technologies to achieve the SDGs.

Emerging technologies hold immense potential to address development challenges in almost every field. Prominent emerging technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, nanotechnology, bioeconomy and blockchain. Each of these technologies can transform daily life and drive economic growth by increasing the productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and service sectors.

Recommendations of the conference will be used as inputs to design the future work programme of APCTT to be discussed during the 15th session of the APCTT Governing Council, to be held from 6 to 7 November 2019.

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