Official Documents for the Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction, Second Session

Tentative Programme
Report of the Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction on its Second Session

3. Adoption of the agenda

Annotated provisional agenda

4. Recent trends in disasters and their socio-economic and environment aspects

Importance of disaster risk reduction in achieving the Milliennium Development Goals
Addressing disaster risk reduction and development through improved data on disasters
Green Growth approach: experiences in mainstreaming disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation
Climate change and disaster risk reduction: the role of trade and investment

5. Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action

Integrating disaster risk reduction into socio-economic development policies in Asia and the Pacific
Achievements and challenges in implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action in Asia and the Pacific

6. Enhancing regional cooperation on disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific

Enhancing regional cooperation, regional knowledge and capacity for disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific
ESCAP Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness

Mainstreaming innovative information and communications technology in disaster risk reduction

Expanding connectivity to disaster-affected communities through the innovative use of information and communications technology and disaster-related information

8. Activities conducted as part of the ESCAP cooperative mechanisms on disaster risk reduction

Work of the Typhoon Committee and Panel on Tropical Cyclones

9. Consideration of the future focus of the subprogramme

10. Consideration of draft resolutions for submission to the Commission at its sixty-eighth session

11. Dates, venue and provisional agenda of the third session of the Committee