Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Maps

ESCAP and ITU have jointly produced groundbreaking new interactive maps of the Global Information Superhighway, which will help bridge the digital divide in Asia-Pacific.

The ITU Interactive Terrestrial Transmission/ESCAP Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Maps are the first ever to show policy makers and investors where the missing links in terrestrial transmission are across the region, assisting ESCAP in its efforts to bring affordable Information Community Technology (ICT) and broadband connectivity for all.

Only 7% of people in the Asia Pacific region have fixed broadband access and it is the most digitally divided region in the world, with Republic of Korea at 37.56% fixed broadband penetration, compared to Myanmar with only 0.01%.

By mapping regional terrestrial routes, policy makers and investors will be provided with information on missing links and investment opportunities that will contribute ultimately to the development of a coherent Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway.

The maps also feature the region’s main transport networks, the Asian Highway and the Trans-Asian Railways as it is critical that fiber-optic cables can be laid in coordination with the construction of railways and roads to ensure appropriate cost savings.

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