Public - Private Partnership (PPP) Qualitative Value-For-Money Toolkit

To support Governments in early stage identification and selection of projects suitable to be delivered on a PPP basis, the ESCAP secretariat has developed a Qualitative Value-For- Money Toolkit. Based on international best practice and experiences, the toolkit is designed for screening PPP projects across developing countries in Asia and the Pacific. It contains a set of criteria that Government officials need to consider when assessing whether a project is likely to achieve Value-for- Money (VfM) if delivered as a PPP.

Using the toolkit, Governments will be able to improve their project selection process, prioritize projects and focus on those with the highest potential. The appraisal process not only suggests the general PPP potential of the project, but it also guides where further work may be required (e.g. missing data and information) or where particular attention may be needed (e.g. particularly weak aspects of the project). Though the project appraisal toolkit does not replace the need for further development work on the project, it ensures that investments made are more likely to lead to successful PPP project delivery.

Access the toolkit through the following link: