Kiribati National Labour Migration Policy

Kiribati National Labour Migration Policy

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Government of Kiribati recognises the important role of labour migration in addressing the lack of employment opportunities, promoting economic and social development, alleviating poverty, and adapting to climate change. The National Labour Migration Policy (NLMP) is designed to provide a coherent strategy for promoting overseas employment and protecting the welfare of I-Kiribati abroad, within the broader context of generating productive and decent employment opportunities for all I-Kiribati. The Government recognises that labour migration will become an increasingly important strategy for permanent migration and population control according to the government’s “Migration With Dignity” Policy, which articulates the importance of training I-Kiribati to take up skilled labour migration opportunities in response to climate change threats to livelihoods at home.

The Government of Kiribati adopts this National Labour Migration Policy to achieve the following objectives:
1. Protecting the rights of migrant workers and providing support services;
2. Promoting opportunities for decent foreign employment;
3. Increasing the development benefits of labour migration; and
4. Improving the administration of labour migration.

The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Office for Pacific Countries was requested in 2014 by its partner – the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development (MLHRD) – to help develop a coherent strategy and action plan for labour migration from Kiribati. The product of this collaboration is this NLMP which contains the following substantive sections: context, vision and policy statement, policy areas and action plan, and inception, follow-up, monitoring and evaluation. The NLMP is concerned with the emigration of workers from Kiribati and focuses on the permanent, temporary and seasonal migration of workers of all skill levels to anywhere in the world. The policy does not cover immigration into Kiribati and the situation of foreign workers in Kiribati.

A fundamental requirement for the successful achievement of better labour migration outcomes for Kiribati is a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to increasing work opportunities overseas, and mainstreaming of labour migration into the country’s policies for national development. The Government of Kiribati (GOK) welcomes the participation and contributions of all stakeholders including donor governments in facilitating the implementation of the action plans and recommendations of the policy which has been developed through a process of consultation with key stakeholders from the Government of Kiribati and the social partners.


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