Model Multilateral Permit for International Road Transport

Model Multilateral Permit for International Road Transport

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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The Model Multilateral Permit for International Road Transport is recommended at a moment when insufficient transport facilitation measures are still one of the most serious issues in Asia and the Pacific region. Implementing multilateral permits for international road transport could help to eliminate the existing inefficient trans-loading practices at border, which currently increase transport and logistics costs. Transport operations performed by one and the same carrier, with the driver of the originally contracted carrier remaining in full control from one end to the other, would contribute equally to an uninterrupted and clear line of contractual responsibility for the final delivery of the cargo in time and in undamaged state. On this basis, transport security increases and the relationship of trust between business partners is considerably improved.

Implementing multilateral permits will create a virtuous circle: solving the traffic rights problems translates into enhanced access to international road freight transport markets along Asian Highway Network and beyond. Permits following the model are transport facilitation tools by having a harmonized form, allowing enforcing authorities to perform their duties in a simplified manner, and reducing exposure to border crossing bureaucracy and possible illegal activities.

While facilitating road transport by exchanging permits, Governments will continue to keep full control of issuing permits to domestic and foreign transport operators; they maintain the right to carry out regular checks of permit use and to apply specific disciplinary action against non-complying operators.

The Model Multilateral Permit for International Road Transport can be used as an individual tool in implementing existing agreements or can be included in future agreements on international road transport.


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