Presentations: Day 1

Presentations: Day 1

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

These are presentations from day one of the Regional Seminar on International Investment Agreements (IIAs) and Sustainable Development, and the 6th Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Network.

1. Improving investment rule-making and achieving sustainable FDI – issues and potential ways forward
- Mr. Karl Sauvant, Resident Senior Fellow, Columbia Centre on Sustainable Investment (by video-link)

2. Reforming the Investor-State Dispute Settlement – current developments and remaining challenges
- Mr. Michael Ewing-Chow, WTO Chair and Associate Professor of Law, National University of Singapore

3. Reforming IIAs - developing sustainable investment agreements
- Ms. Nathalie Bernasconi, Director of Economic Law & Policy Group, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

4. Investor-state arbitration: substantive and procedural mechanisms for ensuring social justice
- Mr. Rahul Donde, Senior Associate, Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler, Attorneys at law, Geneva

5. Addressing tax avoidance and evasion: the role of IIAs
5b. International Investment Law and Taxation: From Coexistence to Cooperation
- Mr. Julien Chaisse, Professor and Director, Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development, Faculty of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

6. Implications of Mega-Regionals: Investment provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other current and pending regional trade agreements
- Ms. Lise Johnson, Head: Investment Law and Policy, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, Columbia Law School - The Earth Institute, Columbia University

7. Sustainable development-oriented IIA reform: the UNCTAD Roadmap and the UNCTAD Policy Framework
- Ms. Diana Rosert, Associate Legal Affairs Officer, International Investment Agreements Section, Division on Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD


1. KPS, Perspective, SIFU, 6 July 2015, publishedDownload
2. Michael Ewing-Chow - Investment Arbitration in Asia PacificDownload
3. IISD Nathalie Bernasconi - IIAs Recent Developments and New ModelsDownload
4. Rahul DondeDownload
5. Julien Chaisse_TaxDownload
5b. 2016 final International Investment Law and Taxation- From Coexistence to CooperationDownload
6. Lise Johnson - megaregionalsDownload
7. UNCTAD Diana Rosert (full version)-edDownload