Readiness Assessment for Cross-Border Paperless Trade: ARMENIA

Readiness Assessment for Cross-Border Paperless Trade: ARMENIA

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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This report provides an assessment of Armenia’s readiness for cross-border paperless trade, i.e., the conduct of international trade transactions on the basis of electronic data and documents – as opposed to paper-based data and documents. The assessment was conducted by a team of international experts following the readiness checklist developed by the ESCAP Interim Intergovernmental Steering Group on Cross-Border Paperless Trade Facilitation, of which Armenia is a member. The team visited Armenia in November and December 2018 to conduct interviews with relevant government agencies and private sector stakeholders. A national consultation on facilitating cross-border paperless trade was co-organized by the State Revenue Committee, Armenia and ESCAP on 16 May 2019, where preliminary findings from the visits were further reviewed, consolidated and validated. Final findings and recommendations incorporating inputs and suggestions received during and following the consultation are presented in this report. Based on these findings and recommendations, an initial action plan towards cross-border paperless trade for Armenia has been prepared and is also presented in this report.

The complete set of Cross-Border Paperless Trade Readiness Assessment reports can be accessed here.


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