Regional Action programme for transport development in Asia and the Pacific, phase II (2012-2016)

Regional Action programme for transport development in Asia and the Pacific, phase II (2012-2016)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Now more than ever, the region’s development is reliant on its transport system. Whether to carry manufactured and agricultural products to international markets, food to rural and urban communities, workers to their jobs, the young to schools or the sick to hospitals, transport is essential. While development patterns across the region vary, countries that have been able to improve transport capacities and efficiency have been the most successful. For the future, improved transport connections to fast growing regional markets will further stimulate economic and social development.

The overarching goal of the Busan Declaration on Transport Development in Asia and the Pacific,a and its Regional Action Programmeb is to foster regional transport cooperation and economic integration in support of inclusive and sustainable development. The Regional Action Programme, phase II (2012-2016), will provide continuity and build on the substantial progress that has been achieved over the past five years.

In each of the substantive areas, capacity-building and exchanges of experience will be a central theme in continuing to work towards the creation of a sustainable international integrated intermodal transport and logistics system as the long-term vision for the development of the region’s transport system and to meet the challenges of globalization.

In the implementation of the Regional Action Programme, phase II (2012-2016), the ESCAP secretariat will continue to work closely with key United Nations agencies, intergovernmental organizations, subregional organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other collaborating institutions.