Statement to Committee of the Whole II: Agenda Item 6

Delivered to the Committee of the Whole II at the 71st Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand

Distinguished Delegates,

The Commission will recall that, through resolution 67/4 adopted in 2011, it requested the Executive Secretary to:

  • Support the process for the establishment of the Asian and Pacific centre for the development of disaster information management;
  • Include, in the secretariat’s evaluation plan, an evaluation of the activities under paragraph 4 of the resolution and the need for, and benefit of, establishing the Centre as a subsidiary body of the Commission, and
  • Submit the results of that evaluation to the Commission at its seventieth session.

At its 70th session, the Commission took note of the request of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to postpone the evaluation related to the establishment of the centre and decided to review the results of the evaluation at the present Commission session.

To this end, the secretariat commissioned an external evaluation team from September 2014 to January 2015 to conduct the evaluation of the centre. The conclusions and recommendations, as prepared by the evaluation team, are contained in Document E/ESCAP/71/34. The outcome of the evaluation by the lead evaluator was made available to the Advisory Committee of Permanent Representatives and Other Representatives Designated by Members of the Commission (ACPR) at its 359th session held on 23 March 2015. The complete evaluation report is also provided through information note E/ESCAP/71/INF/7.

The Commission may wish to pay particular attention to evaluation recommendation 1 which calls for the Commission to consider the establishment of the centre as a regional institution operating under the auspices of ESCAP. In its consideration of the matter, the Commission may wish to emphasize the requirements for establishing the centre as indicated in the evaluation report, including the issues of the centre’s financial sustainability, and guide the secretariat in this regard.

I thank you.