25 May 2015

Great emphasis will be placed this week on the importance of 2015 and the universal and sustainable future of global development. I would like to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of the countries of Asia and the Pacific in critical areas of development, striving to serve their people and drive momentum on all global fronts.

22 May 2015

Exchanges on the form and function of the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development beyond 2015 were useful, and will help shape the transition from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Overall, we have achieved a great deal but, as you know, there is much work still to do.

21 May 2015

Building on the outcomes of our deliberations last year, the second Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD) is an opportunity for member States to reflect on sustainable development and to provide further direction for our joint efforts.

20 May 2015

The rule of law is both an enabler and facilitator of development. As such, many of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) will hinge on improving the rule of law, especially in the area of international and national environmental law.